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Our company

All your IT services from a single source

Dr. Thomas Wettstein, CEO, Avectris

As a leading IT services provider, we offer everything you need for the smooth operation of your information technology. High-quality, innovative, tailored solutions, delivered directly to you. 

We implement and operate your IT processes, infrastructures and applications so that you’re free to focus on your customers. We also work with you to create solutions that drive forward your digitalisation processes and give you a competitive advantage.

Our promise to you: «IT. Simply Personal.»

Our promise shapes our consulting services, our range of offers and our attitude towards our work. We are there for you personally and with a flexible, success-oriented focus on your needs. At the same time, our organisation is large enough to offer you innovation, speed, economies of scale and uncompromising problem-solving expertise, making us a fair and professional partner. 

Why Avectris?

Along with a passion for IT, our 460 employees share three key characteristics:

  • They put their varied skills to work, creating solutions to challenging problems
  • They enjoy change and technological development
  • And they prefer to work in a team, offering mutual support, encouragement and inspiration every day, with the goal of ensuring our customers’ success and providing them with exciting, sustainable solutions.


Facts and Figures

  • More than CHF 135 million revenue
  • More than 240 satisfied customers
  • 4 locations: Baden, Dübendorf, Wallisellen and Wangen b. Dübendorf
  • 460 employees, of which 21 trainees
  • 2 ISO-certifications and compliance with standards and specifications