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Get to know our management team

Dr. Thomas Wettstein, CEO

Dr. Thomas Wettstein, CEO, Avectris

Before Thomas Wettstein became CEO of Avectris, he was CIO of BKW Energie AG. Before this, he worked for many years as a consultant, project manager and division manager in the field of ERP systems in the IBM environment. He was also a lectorer of information systems at various universities. He completed his studies in information systems and financial management, wrote his PhD thesis at the Department of Informatics at the University of Fribourg and has a management degree from the Harvard Business School. He is a member of the Management Board of Electrosuisse and President of the Information Technology Society (ITG). Thomas Wettstein has extensive knowledge of IT support of energy industry processes and helped build a shared service centre for the meter-to-customer process as a Member of the Board of Directors. He likes to spend his leisure time with his family: skiing in the winter or on the water in the summer.

Thomas Geier, Head of Finance & Services

Christian Ahr, Head of Finance & Services, Avectris

Since getting his degree as Dipl. Ing. ETH & BWI, Thomas Geier has worked in a leading financial position for an internationally active Swiss software company. At the beginning of his career, he worked for ABB as Engineer and Manager. Additionally he completed a management training at the Harvard Business School. Apart from the integral national and international range of responsibilities of CFO-tasks, Thomas Geier also has extensive IT-experience and practical experience from central functions in a company. In his spare time, Thomas Geier loves being in nature – on the bike, in the kayak, on foot or on cross-country skis in winter. Apart from that, the family father likes travelling to new countries and getting to know new cultures.

Thomas Götti, Head of Professional IT-Services

Rolf Kühne, Head of Infrastructure Services, Avectris

Thomas Götti was the principal shareholder and managing director of Comicro AG for 25 years. Under his leadership, the company developed into a successful service provider for the planning, development and operation of IT infrastructures for Swiss medium-sized businesses. He has extensive experience in building service-oriented teams and developing IT services and always represented them with passion in the market himself. Thomas Götti sold Comicro to Avectris as part of a sustainable succession plan and thus joined the company. The father of three children likes to travel with his family to foreign countries, regularly pursues endurance sports and enjoys playing the guitar.

Rolf Kühne, Head of Infrastructure Services

Rolf Kühne, Head of Infrastructure Services, Avectris

Rolf Kühne came to Avectris from energy services provider Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke AG, where he held a position as Head of Corporate IT. He also worked for Swisscom und Sunrise. At Sunrise his most recent positions were CTO and Member of the Management Board. He is a mechanical as well as a telecom engineer and has an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. Rolf Kühne has long-standing and extensive experience in engineering and in developing and operating infrastructures and knows what it means to align innovation and technology with concrete customer requirements. He likes to spend his leisure time with his family and plays sports regularly.

Ales Kupsky, Head of Application Services

Ales Kupsky, Head of Application Services, Avectris

After 20 years working internationally in the financial industry, Ales Kupsky joined Avectris in 2012 as Head of Applications and Deputy CEO. The IT expert with degrees from the University of Zürich and the London Business School draws on his decades-long experience in software development, infrastructure engineering and IT operations as well as project and risk management. Over the course of his career, he has had the opportunity to become familiar with the IT world of both customers and suppliers, which is why he is able to understand his customers’ needs and priorities while simultaneously working out customised solutions. As a balance to his professional life, he likes to spend as much time as possible with his family. One of his hobbies is reading about historical events and the biographies of well-known personalities who have shaped our current world. He also likes to travel the globe on his motorcycle in order to get to know new places and people.


Walter Lienhard, Head of Sales & Marketing

Walter Lienhard, Head of Sales & Marketing, Avectris

Walter Lienhard has more than 30 years of sales experience in the Swiss ICT sector. After completing a degree in business economics and an advanced federal diploma in sales management, he worked at NextiraOne Schweiz and Connectis (later SPIE ICS). As Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, he contributed significantly to strong growth and the successful integration of the company into the SPIE Group. Before moving to Avectris, he was responsible for the market research business unit at Link Marketing Services as Managing Director and a member of the management board. The father of two children enjoys sports and spending time with his family. He recharges by skiing in winter and cycling and mountain biking in summer. 

Board of Directors

Ulrich Erkens, President

Bruno Ganz, Vice-President

Dr. Harald Gauck, Member

Karin Teyssier, Member

Andrea Tranel, Member