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Central Infrastructure Services

Your IT infrastructure is in safe hands

What are your requirements? Dedicated or distributed? Physical or virtual? From the cloud or on site? Let us analyse your needs and fine-tune your IT architecture.

We will migrate your data to our georedundant Swiss computer centre and assume full operational responsibility. The Avectris servers are managed to meet the highest standards of performance, availability, efficiency and security. For you, this means: higher quality, greater flexibility and full scalability at a considerably lower cost.  

We make the most of your IT infrastructure: better quality, flexibility and scalability at a lower cost

We use robust, thoroughly tested technologies and tools, preventively monitor your IT infrastructure and intervene as soon as complications arise. We maintain support contracts with all important manufacturers and have been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Citrix Silver Partner for many years. As a Microsoft Cloud OS Network Partner, we are very familiar with the latest cloud technologies. We make them available to you as an infrastructure, platform or software service in the private, public or hybrid cloud.
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Protect yourself from data loss with a straightforward, solid, cost-efficient solution

Externally stored backups and swift recovery functions are essential to protect yourself from emergencies. Our georedundant Swiss computer centres protect your data automatically in accordance with Tier III security standards. Your data is encrypted before transmission and sent to the AVECTRIS SWISS CLOUD via an encoded connection. The backup and recovery solution is installed in a matter of minutes. You have full control over your data at all times and manage backups and data recovery processes autonomously.
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