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Smart City

Welcome to your smart city

The vision of an intelligent, interconnected, futuristic city in which everything is networked by digital technologies is becoming more feasible by the day. More and more objects in the public domain are connected to the internet, allowing them to transmit data and be controlled remotely. The Internet of Things (IoT) has enormous potential and wireless technology will make a significant contribution to the smart cities of the future.

Colibird: real-time energy management pays off

Energy management systems help us lower our energy consumption and expenses in the long term. In addition to this economic aspect, they also improve the image and competitive advantage of a city – they are a big step towards the smart city.

Generate detailed energy reports of your real estate in a matter of minutes. Colibird represents consumption figures for all production types – electricity, gas, water – practically in real time and at your desired level of detail.

Smart Parking

Not only motorists benefit from intelligent parking (guidance system), car park managers (public sector or private owners) do as well. Ground sensors show which parking spaces are used at what times and for how long. Entire parking areas can be analysed in terms of their efficiency, enabling improved use and simpler control.

Management of public lighting

The demand for individual management systems to control public lighting is on the rise. Control the timing and intensity of lights yourself and receive immediate notification about faults – without the need for time-consuming, costly patrols. These are no utopian visions. They are real possibilities offered by wireless technology.

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