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Internet of Things

Advance the digital transformation with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long arrived in our everyday lives. Have you recognised its potential for your company yet?

IoT offers new opportunities for personal use, customer loyalty and the development of new business models. Establish analyses and prognoses faster, more easily and with greater precision. Optimise and automate your processes with IoT. The versatile range of applications in different sectors includes:

Smart business with IoT:

  • Monitoring of real estate and devices
  • Tracking of devices, objects and access controls
  • Ordering of consumables

Smart city with IoT:

  • Control of car parks and guidance systems
  • Management of public lighting, waste disposal, etc.

Smart energy & environment with IoT:

  • Remote reading of electricity, water and gas meters
  • Monitoring of environmental pollutants, potential hazards and trends

Smart health with IoT:

  • Tracking of medical devices and objects
  • Medication reminders for patients (prevention and follow-up care)

Your data is safe with us, even with the Internet of Things

Are you worried that unauthorised parties might access your data? Our long-standing experience in handling highly sensitive data and our secure, georedundant Swiss computer centres will ease your mind.

We use wireless technology made in Switzerland to realise your goals.

We will be happy to support you on your IoT journey and work with you to develop customised applications specifically for your business. www.swiss-iot-solutions.ch