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Apps and Printing





Managed services

Microsoft, Varonis

  • Folder management and security
  • Analysis, conception and access rights for data/directory structures
  • Planning and implementation of structure and access rights concepts
  • Data migrations

> 10 years



  • Folder management and security
  • Implementation and operation of Varonis DataPrivilege and DataAdvantage
  • Data analysis (access rights) and reporting (auditing)

> 5 years


(HP, Xerox, Konica Minolta, …)
  • Print management platforms
  • Analysis and conception of print backend platforms based on Microsoft Server and Standards
  • Planning, implementation and operation of central print backend platforms
  • Field of application of local workplaces (MS Windows) and server-based computing (Citrix)

> 10 years


Acronis Access

  • Mobile device management
  • Analysis and conception of secure implementation of mobile systems (tablets, smartphones)
  • Planning, implementation and operation of centrally managed configurations for device management
  • Access to company data
  • Mail Sync (integration with Exchange)

> 2 years