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Efficient working at home - we support you in this!

Due to the current situation, many employees have had to move their office to the home office. You have created the necessary technical conditions for this. But do the employees know how to use them in the best possible way?
Our modern workplace experts are happy to support you with company-specific remote training on topics such as MS office productivity and MS office communication.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Rosanna Wildi, +4144 835 75 76, rosanna.wildi@avectris.ch.


IT training that inspires your employees for the journey to a digital future

Digitalisation means that working methods and the demands placed on your employees are constantly changing. Technology continues to develop, giving companies an opportunity to carry out tasks more efficiently. But do employees take advantage of the tools available to carry out their daily work?

Our tailored training services help you ensure that your employees are well-equipped to successfully master new challenges, in particular during migrations. The advantages for your company are clear:

  • Your employees can familiarise themselves with the new device and get an idea of what their workplace will look like in future
  • Your specialists will quickly gain the necessary expertise and latest knowledge, and will soon be ready for the implementation of new technology
  • Your employees will become more productive and your company will be more efficient and flexible
  • Well-trained employees guarantee smooth operations while also reducing costs

What we offer

  • Consulting and development of training strategies and concepts
  • Training content adapted to your needs, wishes and prior knowledge
  • Your company-specific situation is taken into account and integrated into the training
  • Training times are tailored to you
  • You determine the event length and location
  • Optimal value for money