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DevOps & Container Platform

Accelerate innovation with DevOps

DevOps helps you to develop software features, applications and bug fixes faster and to distribute them between the development and production environments. With DevOps, resources are made available where they’re most needed via self-service and automation.

The benefits of DevOps for you

  • DevOps reacts faster to customer and market requirements
  • DevOps accelerates development, deployment and operational processes
  • DevOps systems include integrated checks and controls
  • DevOps automates software provision processes and reduces unnecessary effort
  • DevOps ensures efficient operating procedures and continuous monitoring
  • DevOps enables continual software releases at short intervals (continuous integration and continuous delivery)

Implement DevOps with the OpenShift container platform

The OpenShift container application platform enables you to integrate the technical possibilities of DevOps and accelerate application delivery in hybrid clouds. Whether on-premises, hosted or in a public cloud, the solution supports you in quickly developing high-quality apps, ensuring that you’re always a step ahead of the competition.

Technologies such as Docker are available to help you create, provide and manage container-based applications. The OpenShift platform allows you to operate your own containers using your own infrastructure, giving you full control over your container environment.

Take the next step in development

We will be happy to advise you on how you can optimise your development processes and then help you to implement and operate your applications and container platform. This includes the operation of essential peripheral systems such as Container Registry, GitLab, API gateways, load balancers, etc.