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Michael Plüss

Michael Plüss, Senior Consultant, Avectris

«Protecting the data that customers have placed in our hands is our highest priority. We deliver systematic information security management and never leave anything to chance.»

Michael Plüss is Senior Consultant and is also in charge of part of the consultant team at Avectris on an interim basis. He has worked in IT for 20 years and has experience in the insurance, finance and energy sectors. He is highly knowledgeable in the field of business informatics. The seasoned project manager has demonstrated his sound expertise in IT security, data protection and IT risk management in the course of the many different projects he has managed.

Michael offers his services as IT Security Officer to various customers on a project basis (rent-a-CISO). When he has put aside his laptop, Michael can’t wait to get his hands on his various pizza-baking implements: he’s an impassioned pizzaiolo who makes crisp pizzas in his own professional wood-burning oven. He also enjoys jogging, swimming and skiing to recharge his batteries.