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Collaboration for better performance, user comfort and efficiency

Many companies are already using modern communication and collaboration platforms, but most do not integrate them into other back-office systems. This leaves many useful fields of application entirely unused: it is precisely this embedding that offers enormous potential for efficiency increases through consolidation of all relevant information alongside the business processes.

SharePoint and ERP: the new dream team

The Avectris SharePoint ERP Connect Service (flyer in German) dismantles existing data silos by enabling the mutual use of data and services, particularly in the fields of process control, automation and management.

Stop playing ping-pong with your documents!

The intranet is growing up and gradually developing into a digital workplace. AnyShare is a complete suite based on SharePoint, designed to connect the topics of intranet and collaboration into a coherent digital workplace on a shared platform. It allows you to save money and implement new use scenarios to boost your efficiency.

Equipped with the following features to support mobile working:

  • E-Mail service
  • Document management
  • Chat and telephone services (Skype 4 Business)
  • AnyShare (flyer in German) / Microsoft SharePoint / SAP ERP Connect (flyer in German)/ Exchange 
  • Digital workplace
  • Intranet