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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence by Avectris: Facts instead of «fake news»

Where does your company come from, where is it today, where will it go in the future?

Rely on suitable data analysis tools rather than your gut instinct. Use incoming company data to analyse and evaluate the situation of your company from different perspectives and set yourself apart from the competition.

Developing and testing a BI strategy in your own BI laboratory

Avectris supports you in developing a business intelligence strategy tailored to your company, and determines the most suitable BI tools together with you. Experience has shown that not all are compatible with one another. In our BI laboratory, you can test individual scenarios with your own data pool. Module experts will advise you on the best KPIs for your company. 

Define holistic business requirements

Our expertise in capturing business requirements will help you establish a holistic overview of your reporting – from the planning application to market, customer, process and company data analysis, to a user-friendly presentation of your information.

For sound operative and strategic decisions: meaningful dashboards in just a few clicks

Our experts will be happy to advise you on technical implementation. The latest in-memory technology gives you virtually unlimited freedom in implementing and designing your reporting portfolio. Combine reporting and dashboard data from a wide range of data sources in just a few clicks. Make sound operative and strategic decisions quickly to increase the efficiency and success of your company. For use at work or on the go – safely encrypted.

We will be happy to support you at every step of the way: consultation, design, realisation, implementation, operation. As a full-service provider, we manage your business intelligence solution technically and professionally, end to end.

Create value from your data with these tools:

Better insights, higher profitability with business intelligence

We provide comprehensive support for development of business intelligence solutions. Our expertise in the holistic evaluation of reporting systems will help you with your business analysis and definition of requirements. From planning to examination of the market, customer, process and company data to the user-friendly presentation of your information – you can count on us.