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IT-Service Management

With optimised and automated processes for effective IT

Have your IT processes already reached the desired maturity level, and does your IT department and business support them to the necessary extent? Is your IT service management (ITSM) already automated for the most part and fully integrated into the company-wide system landscape? Or do you still maintain data redundantly in different applications?

A powerful ITSM lets you automate processes and relieve your employees of repetitive tasks.

We take pragmatic approaches to show you how you can optimise your ITSM processes and bring them to life.

How we can help you

  • Are you interested in finding out why specific processes aren’t reaching the desired maturity level?
    We analyse your ITSM processes and point out potential for optimisation.
  • Do you need meaningful process KPIs (key performance indicators)?
    Experience has taught us which metrics are best for monitoring and optimising processes
  • Do you need a configuration management database?
    We help you to build an appropriate data structure for doing so.

  • Do you want to create a service portfolio and matching service catalogue?
    We can help you make these plans a reality.

  • Are you still handling your request fulfilment and the settlement of IT services manually?
    We’ll show you how you can automate this process.

  • Do you not have an ITSM application, or is the one you have not powerful enough?
    We will be happy to help you evaluate a solution suitable for your company.

Your advantages with Avectris

You benefit from the comprehensive expertise and experience gained over many years in  IT service management. We identify stumbling blocks at an early stage and can manoeuvre them skilfully. We have:

  • Our own ITIL-based IT processes with a far-reaching process landscape that is constantly undergoing further development
  • A web shop integrated into the ITSM landscape with a comprehensive service catalogue
  • Fully-automated processes in request fulfilment (order-to-cash)
  • Experience in the evaluation and introduction of ITSM applications with complex configuration management databases
  • A Best Practice Award for service management of the ITSM Forum
  • A consulting team made up of 12 ITSM specialists and developers with ITIL V3 certification