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Roland Prüssmann

Roland Prüssmann, Head of Collaboration & Web Solutions, Avectris

«With our content management, CRM and collaboration solutions, you can increase your sphere of activity and synchronise information and processes more efficiently.»

Roland Prüssmann is Head of Collaboration & Web Solutions at Avectris. Previously, he had his own business consulting firm for three years which specialised in IT and management consulting. Roland Prüssmann started his professional career in the banking field. The computer scientist worked for a large bank for about 17 years, where he managed the IT department in the logistics and reference data area, among others. He has many years of experience in the development of business applications on the most varied of platforms. Roland Prüssmann prefers to spend his leisure time with his family. In addition to cooking and playing music, he is a passionate kite surfer, who engages in his hobby not only on the water but also in winter conditions in the snow.