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Digitalisation, Usability and SharePoint - a contradiction?!

You plan to effectively change the way you and your employees work. How about data cleansing, digitalisation of processes and focussing on usability?

Audit-proof archiving

The progressive digitalisation accelerates data growth also in SharePoint-systems. Priorising the archiving-topic at an early stage, helps you in keeping an overview and saves system resources. Does your company need audit-proof archiving or just long-term storage with controlled destruction of your old data?

Social Collaboration

Would you like to offer your employees an information- and working platform based on roles, on which they can exchange documents and knowledge quickly and easily across departments and locations. We support you with specific SharePoint-extensions up to a readymade SharePoint-solution AnyShare (flyer in German).

User Experience (UX) and Governance

User requirements change constantly - this is not different with SharePoint. A clear strategy on modern user experience is therefore essential. But the governance-topic is becoming more important.

Does your SharePoint-informationstructure correspond to the method of operation of your company and therefore accelerates your business processes?

SharePoint and ERP: the new dream team

The Avectris SharePoint ERP Connect Service (flyer in German) dismantles existing data silos by enabling the mutual use of data and services, particularly in the fields of process control, automation and management.

Consulting, migration and operation

Cross your heart: operating SharePoint with corporate IT takes time and money. How about oursourcing it to an external partner?

We gladly support you to identify and exploit the whole potential of SharePoint in your company. As a result, you win agility and efficiency and can fully concentrate on your core competences.