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The ERP system for big projects with small budgets

An individual solution for all business areas of your SME

Are you looking for a simple, intuitively designed next-generation ERP that

  • covers all of your business and FI processes and also complies with Swiss regulations
  • supports integration into existing SAP systems (e.g. parent company)
  • can be upgraded with the necessary industry-specific add-ons? 

Then SAP Business One is just the right choice for you.

Your core processes (procurement, warehousing, logistics, production, sales and accounting) can be managed inexpensively and with ease – and without media fragmentation. Interlinked process data offers you a proper way to keep track of past, present and future business activities just the way you want it.

The quickly and easily implemented industry solution

  • The standard solution can be implemented in a few days or a maximum of four weeks.
  • SAP Business One has a modular structure and can be customised to meet business and industry-specific requirements (add-ons).
  • Starter package (on-premises or at Avectris)


How, where and when is fully up to you

You decide for yourself whether to run the software on a dedicated server or in the SAP cloud. In either case, the mobile SAP Business One app lets you access your data from anywhere. And as your business grows, you can simply upgrade the solution to meet your needs.

SAP Business One in 75 seconds

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