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Security Operations Center (SOC)

From protection to response

Your personal journey from more cyber security to the security operations centre (SOC)

  • How can you detect cyberattacks as early as possible and initiate the right countermeasures?

  • In the past, having a solid network-based defence was usually enough. But what do you need today (e.g. ransomware attacks) and tomorrow to make yourself a less attractive target for hackers, cyber thieves and online villains?
  • What are you already doing very well, and in what areas could you significantly enhance your IT security without too much effort?
  • Security operations centres (SOCs) are the talk of the town. So, what are the benefits of having an SOC, and is it the right solution for your business? What investment costs can you expect and in what sort of timeframe?

We’ll accompany you on your journey to becoming a detection-oriented company. From the first security quick wins through to a fully functional SOC, if desired. One step at a time and without any hasty actions. Because, as operators of critical infrastructures ourselves, we know that providing SOC technology alone is not enough to leave you better protected.

Identify and detect system-wide, respond immediately

SOC growth path: from protection to response

Our comprehensive, modular SOC services are based on the established «NIST Cyber Security Framework» and can be implemented efficiently in medium-sized companies.

1) The right recommendations with the Cyber Readiness Check

Our Cyber Readiness Check tells you where and how to maximise your IT security without too much effort. Based on the proven NIST Cybersecurity Framework, we show you how to evolve from a reaction-based company into a detection-based one. This road can lead to our SOC, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. The check includes:

  • Determining the current security situation (technical, procedural, pain points, available information)
  • Determining your company’s priorities: What do you want to protect most of all? What is important to you today and will be important to you in the future?
  • Depending on the chosen priorities: What does your IT security partner need from you to identify attack patterns and improve security?
  • Tailored step-by-step recommendations (incl. prioritisation) from protection to response.

2) Enable your company for a sophisticated SOC

A well-conceived and sophisticated SOC is like an eagle-eyed store detective who patrols your business around the clock. One who also knows what to do in an emergency. It’s thus about much more than merely introducing technology. Find out what SOC integration means for your company, what needs to be in place for successful implementation, and how you can strike the perfect balance between cost and benefit.

  • Based on your cyber-readiness, what SOC strategy is best for your company?
  • Defining the use cases: What exactly do you want to protect? What business assets do you want to protect and where are they located?
  • Determining the SOC governance
  • What will SOC integration mean for your company with regard to processes, organisation and interfaces?
  • What do you need to regulate to make the right decisions and initiate the right measures quickly in an emergency situation?
  • Creating an SOC roadmap for implementing the modular SOC service in your company
  • Recommendations for SOC transition and onboarding

3) Tailored SOC onboarding programme

You decide what recommendations you want to apply. We make sure that nothing is overlooked, that the defined use cases are recognised and that the SOC is seamlessly integrated into your organisation. We won’t be satisfied until your cyber ‘store detective’ has passed the test with flying colours.

Enable: Providing the information needed to create the use cases (documents, facts, logs, critical resources, rules, etc.)

Detect:  SIEM onboarding, setup, monitoring, administration and control

Respond:  Implementing processes between the company and SOC provider

Improve:  Training, monitoring, stress tests, fine-tuning

4) Established SOC – what now?

You have arrived successfully at the SOC and have already gained some experience. Your delicate security plant may have already grown into a tall tree with strong roots. But to enjoy the fruits of your labour for as long as possible, you must regularly prepare yourself for dealing with new pests.

Our experienced security specialists will continue to assist you in any way they can long after the onboarding stage. They will do so by:

  • Regularly reviewing use cases
  • Implementing improvements
  • Responding to changes on the threat landscape
  • Providing advice and support

Why Avectris? - Your experienced SOC partner who’s on the same wavelength as you

  • We have been operating critical infrastructures ourselves for years now.
  • Our experienced security consultants will support you in more than just the evaluation and setup stages; they’ll also assist you during live operation.
  • As an advisory partner, we are always happy to share our experience and best practices with our clients.

We’d be pleased to discuss your requirements in more detail – call or e-mail us to arrange a no-obligation consultation.


Get tailor-made step-by-step recommendations with prioritization, from protection to response.

The Cyber ​​Readiness Check is available from Avectris for CHF 16900.-
(Special offer valid until end of 2020)