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Information security expertise on demand

Chief information security officers (CISO) are versatile sources of information: they evaluate changing business processes and technologies, assess new regulatory systems, write statements on the latest attack techniques, represent interests of corporate policy, make urgent risk decisions, guide specialists, etc.

As a personal consultant, we relieve your CIO/CISO of some of their burden. We take care of a defined range of tasks to ensure they can focus fully on their priorities. Or would you rather not invest in a full-time CISO, but cannot do without good security consultancy? Our security experts integrate seamlessly into your team.

«Rented» CISO as an interim solution on a mandate basis

Partial or full transfer of this function to a neutral service provider gives you a high degree of independence. Avoid potential operational blindness and self-monitoring. Fulfil new requirements economically, pragmatically and sustainably, and meet all standards that are relevant for your industry and company. You achieve a higher degree of risk transparency and are prepared for emergencies. We give you greater freedom to take care of other important tasks.

Your advantages:

  • Specialist information security expertise on demand
  • External expert opinions help you avoid operational blindness
  • Professional implementation of information security measures
  • Regulatory and legal requirements under control
  • More freedom to develop your core business