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Business Continuity Management

Stay efficient during emergencies

Do you know your critical products, services, processes and resources? Do you know with which priority to protect or how to restore in the event of a crisis? Or do you spend more time investigating security incidents than initiating countermeasures?

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a holistic management process that allows your company to maintain its crucial business processes, or resume them promptly, during a crisis. In short, it secures your commercial livelihood and wards off legal consequences or reputational damage.

IT Continuity Management supports the upstream BCM and ensures that the IT systems can continue to operate or resume their activity in emergency situations.

The greatest danger is not risk but how you handle it

As part of a business impact analysis, we identify potentially critical processes, determine relevant dimensions of damage, evaluate their effect over a specific period of time and define requirements for critical resources.

«What if…?» Have you and your employees ever simulated an emergency?

Our SME-tested crisis management system takes the catastrophic after-taste out of critical situations. We support you in defining a suitable emergency organisation, including all activation and management processes, and preparing the required tools and checklists.

Continuous improvement is the core element and prerequisite for sustainable, modern BCM. We will be happy to carry out a maturity assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of your processes and define a suitable approach to further development.

Allow us to support you with our comprehensive consulting service.