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Let the postal worker take your meter readings – simple, fast and reliable

A new, innovative service by Avectris allows your electricity, water and gas meters to be read by postal staff. This cost-optimised service comprises all necessary steps from planning the reading to plausibility checks and the provision of billing data.
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Start using the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) today

Have you recognised the potential of IoT for your company yet? IoT offers new possibilities for personal use, customer loyalty, the development of new business models and faster, better insight into data. We use LoRaWAN wireless technology to realise our IoT projects. www.swiss-iot-solutions.ch

Customer loyalty through digital customer communication

A customer portal allows you to manage your business processes and customer communication online or via a mobile app. With the support of a self-service portal you can offer your customers attractive tools; e.g. for forecasts or quote calculations. They will appreciate this convenience and remain loyal to your company.
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Increase your efficiency: automate your supplier change process

When you implement SAP IDEX-CH2 for measurement data and change processes (according to VSE SDAT 2015), you can dispense with manual records and analogue correspondence. Your supplier change process can be managed swiftly and efficiently.
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Still need a stamp for your invoice?

Efficient, cost-effective, secure and environmentally friendly: the modern way of sending digital bills. Are you on board yet?
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Real-time energy monitoring

Would you and your customers like to view the energy consumption data of real estate with just a few clicks? Colibird allows you to access all relevant data online and in real time.
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