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Markus Amato

Markus Amato, Sales Manager, Avectris

«Serving customers on an equal footing, constantly surprising and inspiring them, and the many exciting interactions – that’s what I love about my daily work.»

Markus Amato started out at Avectris in 2010 as Key Account Manager for one of the company’s big customers, the Axpo Group. In 2015, he became Sales Manager, focusing on new customer acquisition in the area of IT outsourcing. He has gained experience in IT and outsourcing from his various sales and marketing functions, which allowed him to establish and expand major long-term partnerships. He has also managed several transitions and transformations. Markus holds an advanced degree in business administration with a focus on marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys plunking away at his piano, watching his pygmy goats outside in the garden with his family, hitting the tarmac on his road bike or practising his Argentine tango.